Transactional emails

Voma automatically sends the most important transactional emails that your customers for orders and subscriptions created through your Voma payment pages

How it Works

  1. Voma sends a purchase receipt to customers after they submit their order
  2. If an order contains multiple items (i.e. main product, order bump, and/or upsell), Voma will send a receipt for each of the items in the order
  3. If the order contains a subscription with a trial, Voma will send a $0 receipt indicating the trial has started and will also send a reminder email 7 days before the first billing date of the subscription
  4. For subscriptions, Voma sends a receipt each time a payment is made

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Other features
UTM tracking

Voma automatically tracks UTM parameters associated with orders to help you measure the success of your marketing channels and campaigns.

Customer Portal

Voma automatically provides a customer portal that you can provide to your customers to update their subscriptions and billing details.

Order Bumps

Activate an order bump on your payment page to increase your average cart value (ACV) and revenue.