Each payment page can support different combinations of one-time and subscription products on a single page or across multiple pages in your Voma account.

Can I create subscription products and offers with Voma?

Yes! A payment page can contain up to three different offers:

  • Main product
  • Order bump (optional)
  • Upsell (optional)

Each of those components can be a subscription or a one-time product/service.

This means you can create different combinations of offers on each of your payment pages:

  • One-time offer
  • Subscription offer
  • Mix and match one-time and subscription offers on the same page

How do I manage subscriptions?

Subscriptions get created directly in your Stripe or PayPal accounts!

You can manage your customers' subscriptions by logging in to your Stripe or PayPal accounts.

And your customers can use Voma's customer portal to manage their subscriptions.