Order Bumps and Upsells

Each payment page can have a combination of a one-time or recurring main product + order bump + upsell. Payment pages can have just one, two, or all three.

How do order bumps work?

An order bump is an additional offer that can be optionally displayed on a payment page.

It is completely optional and your customers will be able to choose whether or not to include the order bump in their order.

Order bumps can be a one-time product or a subscription product.

You can also have the following combinations on your payment page of main product and order bump:

  • One-time main product, one-time order bump
  • One-time main product, subscription order bump
  • Subscription main product, one-time order bump
  • Subscription main product, subscription order bump

When someone purchases the order bump, you will be able to set up automations through our direct email integrations or Zapier that trigger specific tags or events in your email platform based on the order bump they purchased.

How do upsells work?

An upsell is an additional offer that is presented to someone after they submit your payment page.

So after someone purchases the main product on the payment page (and possibly also the order bump), they will be redirected to an external page of your choice where the upsell will be presented.

Voma takes a different approach to upsells than other platforms, because you create the upsell page on a third-party platform of your choice:

  • WordPress
  • ClickFunnels
  • Instapage
  • Static HTML
  • Glitch
  • Ghost
  • ...

This gives you the ultimate freedom and flexibility to create a completely unique upsell page with your own content and styles.

Voma provides unique code to add to your upsell page that provides the "yes" and "no" links for a customer to click on to decide whether they want to purchase the one-click upsell or not.

Once a customer clicks one of those links on your upsell page, they are redirected back through Voma to complete their transaction behind the scenes, and then automatically redirected to the thank you page of your choice.