GDPR Tools

Use our GDPR tools to make it easier to be compliant in your business. Collect consent and quickly integrate that into your email platforms and Zaps.

How does Voma support GDPR compliance for my business?

Voma includes a GDPR settings area for each of your payment pages.

These settings give you the option to create an optional checkbox on your payment page that users can check when submitting your payment page.

For example, the checkbox might read "I want to receive marketing emails."

You can choose to display this checkbox to all visitors or just to visitors in the EU.

What can I do with that data?

Voma makes the consent and location (whether the visitor is in the EU or not) data available through:

  • Order details pages in your Voma account
  • CSV export of orders in your Voma account
  • Zapier

Additionally, if you have integrated Voma with one of our direct email integrations, Voma will automatically apply tags to subscribers in your email platform in some cases:

  • If someone checks GDPR checkbox when submitting the payment page, add "Voma - GDPR consent" tag to your email platform
  • If someone is in EU when submitting the payment page, add "Voma - Customer in EU" tag to your email platform