Include a GDPR checkbox on your payment pages that can be enabled for EU visitors or all visitors.

How it Works

  1. Create a Voma payment page to sell one-time and/or subscription products
  2. Go to the Settings tab of your payment page editor in Voma, and set the GDPR checkbox to be visible for EU visitors or all visitors. Based on your selection, Voma will display this optional checkbox on your payment page based on the visitor’s IP address.
  3. Enter the text to be displayed next to the GDPR checkbox on your payment page - for example, “I’d like to receive email announcements and special offers”
  4. When someone visits your payment page, Voma will display the GDPR checkbox if it is enabled and the visitor’s location matches your selection (EU visitors or all visitors). The GDPR checkbox is always optional - customers can always submit their order regardless of whether they check the box.
  5. Voma tracks the following details for each order: whether the visitor was in the EU, whether the GDPR checkbox was visible, and whether the customer checked the box
  6. Voma makes the consent and location (whether the visitor is in the EU or not) data available through: order details pages in your Voma account, CSV export of orders in your Voma account, Zapier
  7. Additionally, if you have integrated Voma with one of our direct email integrations, Voma will automatically apply tags to subscribers in your email platform in some cases. If someone checks the GDPR checkbox when submitting the payment page, Voma will automatically add the "Voma - GDPR consent" tag to the subscriber’s record in your email platform. If someone is in the EU when submitting the payment page, Voma automatically adds the  "Voma - Customer in EU" tag to the subscriber’s record in your email platform.

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