Collect Tax & VAT

Collect tax and VAT for your products and subscriptions through Voma’s integration with Stripe Tax.

How it Works

  1. Enable Stripe Tax in your Stripe account
  2. Choose which products/subscriptions you want to collect tax for
  3. Decide whether to include tax in the product price (inclusive) or to add tax to the product price (exclusive)
  4. Enable Stripe Tax integration in Voma
  5. Enable Stripe Orders API integration in Voma if you want to collect Stripe Tax for one-time purchases
  6. Test the integration
  7. Automatically collect taxes for new product/subscription orders when a customer in a tax-enabled locality submits a purchase. Tax amount will be sent to your Stripe account and you can run reporting from Stripe and coordinate remittance with third-party vendors such as TaxJar, Marosa, and Taxually.

“Engineers tell me it'll take a day, but it always takes a week. Retool gives me every tool I want, in just a few hours. It's changed the trajectory of our business.”

Duncan Winter
Head of Product

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