Appearance Editor

Use Voma’s appearance editor and live preview to customize the appearance of your payment pages.

How it Works

  1. Create a Voma payment page to sell one-time and/or subscription products
  2. Open the appearance editor for your Voma payment page
  3. Customize the headline and description for your payment page - this will be visible to visitors at the top of your payment page on desktop and mobile
  4. Add optional content blocks to the left column of your payment page. This will be visible to desktop visitors when the two-column or two-step payment page layout is selected for your payment page.
  5. Select the form fields that are visible, optional, and/or required for customers when submitting an order. This includes fields like name, phone, address, discount code, and password.
  6. Upload a logo to display in the header of your payment page; select from one of three payment page layouts (one-column, two-column, two-step); customize the colors and font.
  7. Add footer links to the bottom of your payment page. This can be used for copyright notice, terms and conditions, and other links to your main website.

“Engineers tell me it'll take a day, but it always takes a week. Retool gives me every tool I want, in just a few hours. It's changed the trajectory of our business.”

Justin Smith
Head of Product

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Other features

Sell subscriptions through Voma in addition to and/or in combination with one-time purchases. You can sell subscriptions for an online course, paid email newsletter, coaching, community, all-access pass, SaaS, and more!

Sell with Stripe and PayPal

Sell your products and subscriptions on your Voma payment pages through your own Stripe and/or PayPal accounts.

Order Bumps

Activate an order bump on your payment page to increase your average cart value (ACV) and revenue.